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The Fatal Turn
Get Over It
Your Eternal Reward
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Narrator Young Girl
Lady Woman and/or Boy

The Fatal Turn

Round and Round and Round she goes
and if she'll stop no human knows.
Who it was who got her going
we'll never have a way of knowing.
When I was but a little child,
a tiny face that rarely smiled,
I lived inside a giant world--
a giant house--a little girl.

'Twas curiosity, they say,
that killed that cat the other day;
But that old booger can't kill me
cause I'm too smart--too smart you see!
Death came close that one day, though,
that one time many years ago.
I only wanted to explore
the world beyond that closet door.

The boogey man will get you yet
if you don't watch your back, I bet!
(Yeah! And monsters live under her bed
and voices talk outside her head!)
They taught me at a ripe, young age
the story on my family's page;
But no one told me that I knew,
and what else could a child do?

She's too young to understand
so hold your tongue and lend a hand.
We've got to keep this this secret bound
and hide it where it won't be found.
As I grew I learned the way
I was to think and do and say.
I leared quite well, for I was smart
and pure and innocent of heart.

Ollie! Ollie! Oxenfree!
You can't hide anyting from me!
If you wont' tell me here and now
I'll find it all out anyhow!
The closet door was big and brown,
the metal handle cold and round.
While no one looked I picked the lock...
Nothing can explain my shock.

Beware the ghosts of time now past!
Beware the fears that everlast!
Innocence is hard to hold
when evil stories we are told.
"Turn around and run away!"
I heard a voice inside me say
"You know it's wrong, so leave right now!
You've got to go--I don't care how!"

You can run but you can't hide,
we've got the whole world on our side
You tell on us--we tell on you.
There's nothing you can say or do.
As I was smart, I told my mind:
'You run away, I'll stay behind.
But leave me my intelligence
so they won't realize you've gone hence.'

Rip Van Winkle sleep away!
For nine long years she went you're way!
You were blessed to miss your life;
you did not have to face the strife.
I fooled them all--the time went fast.
I should have known it wouldn't last.
My mind got sick of roaming free--
in time she came right back to me.

The 'prodigal son' just came back home,
tired and hungry and alone.
On one hand he's received with joy;
but he's no longer known--this boy.
I'd gone so long without my mind
I'd forgotten she left me behind.
The fright she had brought back with her
can ne'er be told--in script or word.

Rain, why don't you go away?
I know you'll come another day.
Fate rules all and Fate don't die;
there's nothing more to do but sigh.
A battle raged inside my head,
though half my mind was mostly dead.
My cold heart fought with my lost soul;
myself tried hard to gain control.

Knock, Knock...who's there? No one's home!
We've all gone off to romp and roam
Come and join us if you like,
just up a thumb and hitch a hike!
A happy ending I would give,
if I had any life to live,
But as it is I'm not quite sure.
I'll leave it with a simple cure:

Peter Pan and pumpkin pie
I know you are but what am I?
Weebles wobble, they don't fall.
I think it's time to end it all.

The Fatal Turn
Get Over It
Your Eternal Reward
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