Monthly Archives: January, 2007

Psalm of the day

Titus 3:1-11 (NRSV) – text here is JPS translation… O Lord, I set my hope on You;     my God, in You I trust;     may I not be disappointed;     may my enemies not exult over me. O let none who look to You be disappointed;     let the faithless […]

Chevy makes crappy cars

Never buy a 2000 Malibu… Replaced (on just the cooling system): Radiators 2 Water Pumps 2 Pressurized Coolant Tank 1 Leaky  Coolant Tank Cap 1 Coolant Hoses 3 sets + 2 individual Gallons of Coolant >30 over 5 years? Intake Manifold Gasket yeah, like I can afford that now And this doesn’t count the 8 […]


I officially give up on trying to do regular updates.  My arm appears to be screwed up again… that’s what I get for trying to use power tools (silly me trying to put LESS strain on myself by using a power sander, what the heck was I thinking, sheesh?)  If I get the use of […]

what to say, what to say…

I’ve been trying to do a blog for a couple of days, sat down for that purpose, but I really don’t have much to say.  I’ve finished Nehemiah and Esther now. Nehemiah is about the restoration of Jerusalem and while it was a good piece of reading, there’s nothing I feel particularly inclined to blog […]

Let’s see… where was I?

So the holidays are over, and it’s high time I got back on track with the whole posting thing. I’ve been reading semi-regularly and am currently about halfway through Nehemiah. Since I didn’t get around to posting much over the past few months, I covered a lot of reading without saying much.  I’ll do a […]