Monthly Archives: February, 2007

Psalms that make you go hmmmm….

Psalm 82 (JPS) – A Psalm of Asaph. 1. God stands in the devine assembly;       among the devine beings He pronounces judgement. 2. How long will you judge perversely,       showing favor to the wicked? Selah. 3. Judge the wretched and the orphan,       vindicate the lowly and […]

Little things…

My headache has now been gone for two days!!! I’m almost certain the problem was/is my neck, so I’m being very careful to stay conscious of how I’m holding my head, make sure I don’t sit in my chair with my hair up, and make sure that I don’t hold the phone with my head […]

leaks and pains

Just leaving an update for anyone who cares… My arm was out for about a week this time… It stopped working on a Wednesday (the day after my car blew that gasket), and was completely useless for about 4 days, then I had about 3-4 days of partial use. It’s not back to normal even […]