Monthly Archives: March, 2007

Psalms is Long!

I’m still in Psalms, I haven’t been sleeping until WAY too late lately, which means by the time I get to bed I’m already seeing double, and since I’m reading at night that means I’m not reading much each night. In any case, I’m almost done with Psalms, I haven’t been blogging much through Psalms […]

Religion and Politics *GASP*

I never have, and never will understand the people who avoid subjects because they might turn into debates. How can ANYONE who really honestly believes anything want to avoid the subject just because it might get heated?  Don’t talk about religion or politics?  Are you kidding me?  Aren’t those a couple of the most important […]

Mosaic of Paper Beads

Just showing off some of my paper beads. I haven’t had a chance to make any for a while due to the arm injury, and I didn’t have anything real to blog :) Most of these have sold, the ones that haven’t can be found on my personal Etsy shop.