Monthly Archives: April, 2007

Loving the Free Stuff!

Man, I’m loving this new PoshPoints site. It’s like an online swap meet… you get some free points when you sign up, then you can use your points to ‘buy stuff’ from other members on the site. You can ten turn around and list stuff of your own to ‘sell’ and get more points back, […]

Awesome Praise Songs Playlist

I just discovered this site, and had to see what it had. Here’s a collection of 75 of the best praise songs out there… it’s wont’ load inline, so click here to load the player (flash) in a new window.

Yeah, I started out weird

My niece has been staying here this week, and I’ve come to the realization that I really was a weird kid… We went to church Sunday evening, and it just happened to be a night where they had a really old quartet come to sing instead of having a regular service.  When I say really […]


Yay!  I’m finally out of the Psalms.  I usually enjoy reading them but this time through I just wasn’t feeling it.  Reading the Psalms when I’m depressed just ends up annoying me. Proverbs on the other hand, is always a good read.  It’s also amusing me that the JPS version uses the word “dullard” where […]