Monthly Archives: March, 2011

A concert?! A Christian concert?!

The look on my uncle’s face tonight was priceless.  We were sitting at the dinner table and I asked my aunt if she might be interested in going to a concert with me this weekend at a local venue.  I explained it was a couple of great Christian bands… and my uncle interjected with something […]

I annoy me

For the past couple of days I’ve second-guessed everything I’ve started to post, everything I’ve done or thought of doing… Gah, even this post is a dumb idea… Do you ever just get on your every last nerve?

Perspective Taking

I have a neurological condition that causes simple things, like walking, to require actual thought on my part.  Walking also, more often than not, causes fairly significant pain.  The same condition, unfortunately, also affects my arms and my stamina.  So everywhere I go, I’m left with a difficult decision:  Which ambulatory aids will serve me […]

The Thwarted Robin

I could have sworn I blogged about this a year or two ago, and I went looking today to find the blog entry so I could repost it, but alas, no luck. Since I can’t find the entry I guess I’ll just write a new one. I’ve been reading a lot of fairy tales lately, […]

What are you missing?

So many things in this life can blind us to the reality around us.   We miss the faults in the one we’re in love with, we miss the good in the ones we hate; greed, evny or ambition can blind us to those we hurt around us, or the happiness we miss out on by […]

The danger of Science Fiction

If you’re a science fiction writer, beware. Whatever great and novel ideas you come up with — however creative, however brilliant, however stupid, and however evil, and no matter how many warnings you write along with the idea, or how dire the consequences for your characters — someone in the scientific community will probably take […]

Posting a few days late this month…

I’ve been pretty sick for the past few days and the date snuck up on me.  Rather than try to pick a chartiy at the last minute without any research I’m going to take another day or two before I post.  If you have suggestions please leave them.   In any case, the #5on5 hashtag […]