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The Thwarted Robin

I could have sworn I blogged about this a year or two ago, and I went looking today to find the blog entry so I could repost it, but alas, no luck. Since I can’t find the entry I guess I’ll just write a new one. I’ve been reading a lot of fairy tales lately, […]

8 things I love about being snowed in…

I’m snowed in.  I don’t know what you picture when you think "snowed in", but since I can’t actually shovel snow, and since I have a front-wheel drive car and a gravel driveway, for me it means "hm, if I back out into that my car is probably gonna get stuck".  Right now it means […]

Eek, More Mowing

Okay, so it turns out this property has even more land than I thought it had… what?? lol I already spend 3 hours mowing, I guess now I get to spend 3.5/4 hours. As it turns out the “from the pole straight out to the street” property line was actually supposed to be “from the […]

Ahhh the great outdoors

I went out and mowed in daylight for the first time this year today. It was a beautiful day! Something about getting out in the sun and sweating for a while always lifts my spirits (even if it leaves me shaking and hurting for the next 2 days). I got most of my mowing done […]

Gardening is a lot of work…

Today I was kicking myself for not keeping a closer watch on my garden, and for not taking the time to pull the weeds when they first sprung up and would have been more manageable. There are so many weeds in my garden at the moment I’m afraid they’re going to choke out some of […]

The Killdeer Chicks Hatched!

Took long enough :)

Crazy Animals…

Okay all of the animals on my property are nuts… A killdeer laid it’s eggs in the middle of my driveway (see previous entry), and screetches at me everytime I go outside. I have a very strange little mockingbird that likes to sit on the post next to my glass doors and sits there staring […]

Eggs on the Rocks

I have this silly little killdeer (bird) that keeps screeching at me every time I go out my front door, go down the driveway, mow the yard, get my mail, or do anything else in my front yard. Yesterday my parents were here and we finally figured out why. I knew the bird had to […]