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New Etsy Listings – Paper Beads & Bubble Mailers

Since etsy’s search and category functions have been screwed up for a couple of days (at least) I figured I’d drop a note here.

I just added a number of new paper beads, and I’ll have a few more to list over the next couple of days. 


I also got a shipment of bubble mailers, if anyone needs any (size #00, listed in packs of 10 on etsy). 

** If you can’t get to etsy, you can check my flick account for photos, contact me for purchasing info **


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Mosaic of Paper Beads

Just showing off some of my paper beads. I haven’t had a chance to make any for a while due to the arm injury, and I didn’t have anything real to blog :)

Most of these have sold, the ones that haven’t can be found on my personal Etsy shop.

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I hate it when work gets in the way…

I just spent an entire week on a custom order, and I have a lot more orders to fill, so the likelyhood I’ll be able to post anything substantial on a regular basis is quite small.

On the upside, that means anyone reading this doesn’t have to put up with my rambling. On the downside, I don’t have a written record of anything I noticed recently while reading (I’m somewhere in Judges right now), and that kind of makes me sad.

I think I’m going to make an effort to sneak in a post every Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage that :).

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Had Enough of Ebay Seller Fees

I finally took the plunge and closed my ebay store… I’m tired of paying monthly fees for nothing… I was going to close up shop a while ago but they dangled that carrot of search results for store items showing for every search and my sales actually made it worth it… for about two weeks, until they went back on that whole thing without warning and for no good reason (well, I’m sure they figured they were losing sales, but they didn’t give that as the reason, they made up some crap about it being better for the buyers the old way).

Anyway, enough rambling. My ebay store is now officially closed, and I’ve taken down the links, but I will still sell stuff once in a while in the old fashioned auction-style format, unless I get tired of it and give it up entirely.

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Pokey the Patchwork Puppy

This is my latest creation. He’s done free-form with no pattern, 100% hand-sewn. I can only sew a seam or two at a time, and he’s got 38 patches, so it took me a couple of months, but I had fun.

I’ve been told he looks a little like a sheep or a bull, but I maintain his puppiness lol.

He can be purchased on Etsy. If he doesn’t sell I’ll probably lower the price weekly until he does.

He’s listed on my Etsy shop.

Next in the line will be a snapping turtle.

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StoryBlox(tm) LJ Account Added

I just finished setting up a separate StoryBlox™ account on LJ.

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Soft, Quilted Set of StoryBlox™!

** Note: I had to update this entry to change the title — I was stupid and originally used “QuiltBlox”, which is someone else’s registered trademark, and a really cool line of products (check out her store here: ***

I’m SO excited! I just finished my latest project. I will probably never make anymore of these, so if you want em get em now!


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