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The Audacity of Hope

I don’t often write stories, and I’m a little leery of putting this one up, but I need to.  I started it months ago but just couldn’t finish it at the time.  This may be the first in a series of stories, the rest of which should not be so dark, I’m not entirely sure […]

Sometimes ♫ I Don’t Wanna Sing

Depression can be like a deep, dark, hole in your soul.  When you’re in that place, sometimes it feels like you will never get out.  Not because the hole is too big to climb out of, but because the hole is you.  At least for me, despair rarely feels like something that’s happening to me, […]

Back in my day…

Today I was thinking about this study, which came out the other day. I read it a couple of days ago and didn’t think too much of  it.  It pretty much agrees with what a lot of us have been saying all along, that there isn’t really an “autism epidemic” – it’s just that a […]

Why are you striving?

I know I just put up a song in my last post, but I went for several months there where I couldn’t really sing, let alone record, and I’m excited to be able to get back to recording some. Besides, my keyboard is acting up, so typing much is a huge pain right now. By […]

What are you missing?

So many things in this life can blind us to the reality around us.   We miss the faults in the one we’re in love with, we miss the good in the ones we hate; greed, evny or ambition can blind us to those we hurt around us, or the happiness we miss out on by […]

The danger of Science Fiction

If you’re a science fiction writer, beware. Whatever great and novel ideas you come up with — however creative, however brilliant, however stupid, and however evil, and no matter how many warnings you write along with the idea, or how dire the consequences for your characters — someone in the scientific community will probably take […]

Falling Beauty

 As I was coming home tonight my thoughts turned to how beautiful my drives have been for the past few days.  I’m not a fan of autumn.  Fall in Ohio is just the signal for me that frigid temperatures and long months stuck inside are on their way, and I’m reminded once again of why I swore […]

Dear You, Yes, You! Stop Being an Ignorant Fool

ig·no·rant (ˈig-n(ə-)rənt): adjective 1 a : destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence 2 : unaware, uninformed fool (ˈfül): noun 1 : a person lacking in judgment or prudence Stop believing everything you hear… from […]

Religion and Politics *GASP*

I never have, and never will understand the people who avoid subjects because they might turn into debates. How can ANYONE who really honestly believes anything want to avoid the subject just because it might get heated?  Don’t talk about religion or politics?  Are you kidding me?  Aren’t those a couple of the most important […]

Change of direction…

I was supposed to have spent my evening tonight helping at VBS… I reminded myself of this several times yesterday, then still completely forgot about it today… at 2:30am I finally realized what day it was… So a few hours ago I was sitting there stewing about how worthless I am, when it dawned on […]