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Such a Pain! (On a scale of 1-10…)

It’s funny, I haven’t blogged for quite a while, but I felt the need today, and when I came to write the post I found this one already started but not finished, on the exact same subject!  It was drafted from January of LAST YEAR, so some of the details are no longer current, but […]

To a man I used to respect…

This was a letter I wrote after a particularly bad series of encounters with a person I greatly respected for years.  I wrote it a few months ago and did not have the courage to finish it or post it back then.  I’ve finally finished it, and after much internal debate, have finally decided to […]

How to lead the best church ever!

This list is intended as a funny way to call attention to some of the major problems in churches today.  In case it’s not painfully obvious, nearly everything that follows contains pure, dripping sarcasm.  Unfortunately, I have encountered some or all of these issues/attitudes in most of the churches I’ve visited over the past decade […]

Those pesky little things…

I’ve had to handle a lot of changes over the years.  I’ve resigned myself to staying home nearly all the time.  I’ve adapted to spending years without a vacation, even though I used to live for road trips.  I changed majors in college and have made 2 major career changes due to progressions in my […]


I *hate* mornings like this. I’m awake at 7:30am.  Anyone that knows me knows that I’m NEVER awake at 7:30 am unless I just haven’t gone to bed yet. But I woke up this morning with the same dang throat infection I’ve had for an entire week now (dang antibiotics aren’t helping one bit! arg!) […]

Ever had a knife thrown at you?

I almost forgot to blog about this, but it was so bizarre I just can’t pass it up. At the craft fair this weekend I was sitting there talking with a customer and the lady from the booth across the way, and a KNIFE came flying at us!! It came within a foot of my […]

Religion and Politics *GASP*

I never have, and never will understand the people who avoid subjects because they might turn into debates. How can ANYONE who really honestly believes anything want to avoid the subject just because it might get heated?  Don’t talk about religion or politics?  Are you kidding me?  Aren’t those a couple of the most important […]

leaks and pains

Just leaving an update for anyone who cares… My arm was out for about a week this time… It stopped working on a Wednesday (the day after my car blew that gasket), and was completely useless for about 4 days, then I had about 3-4 days of partial use. It’s not back to normal even […]

Chevy makes crappy cars

Never buy a 2000 Malibu… Replaced (on just the cooling system): Radiators 2 Water Pumps 2 Pressurized Coolant Tank 1 Leaky  Coolant Tank Cap 1 Coolant Hoses 3 sets + 2 individual Gallons of Coolant >30 over 5 years? Intake Manifold Gasket yeah, like I can afford that now And this doesn’t count the 8 […]

I never do this, but

I felt like doing it this year… 1. What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before? I signed papers on a house, got a product featured on a blog, and turned down the biggest retail opportunity of my life. 2. Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more […]