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Crazy Animals…

Okay all of the animals on my property are nuts…

A killdeer laid it’s eggs in the middle of my driveway (see previous entry), and screetches at me everytime I go outside.

I have a very strange little mockingbird that likes to sit on the post next to my glass doors and sits there staring and chirping at himself (cheep… cheep… cheep…) at regular intervals until I finally get annoyed enough to chase him away and hang something on the window so he can’t see his reflection.

Another bird ran beek first into the same glass door the other day, apparently not realizing it was there… the bird was stunned for a while but finally flew off… I’m going to have to find something to leave there permanently.

I have a rabbit that loves to sunbathe in my back yard, and spends endless hours staring at the lettuce in my garden. Most recently, the rabbit has decided to hang out under my back porch, which is like a tiny, low deck. The rabbit, though, being either crazy or stupid, can’t seem to walk underneath said porch without banging it’s head repeatedly. So it took me two days to figure out that that banging is the rabbit’s head hitting the wood repeatedly.

And for the past two days, a certain cardinal has been standing at one of my doors (back door yesterday, front door today) chirping constantly while staring in the window at me… it keeps this up until I walk over and open the door, at which point it flies away and leaves me alone for a while.

I’ve always attracted weird and crazy friends… but weird and crazy animals is a new one lol.

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