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Special UPS Pricing for PayPal Shippers

If you sell (or have sold) on eBay, and still have a current account (actuallly, I think it will work even if you don’t), and you ever ship via UPS through PayPal, you might wanna really look at this:


UPS is pleased to offer eBay Sellers the opportunity to save big – up to 31%* – on U.S. outbound ground, air, and international shipping. You’ll start saving with the first package you send. Then, the more you ship, the more you save.

*Savings when compared to UPS Retail Rates.
Offer is available to US-based UPS account numbers for US domestic and international shipments. The UPS Special Pricing Program for eBay Sellers is brought to you by UPS and is available for packages processed on eBay or PayPal. Savings begin 1 to 6 business days after sign-up.

A few days after you sign up you’ll be enrolled for “UPS Daily Rate” pricing, instead of the retail pricing, which appears to be the same discount that high volume shippers get.

This works for current UPS accounts, as long as you’re not already setup for the special Daily Rates, just imput your current account number on the signup form.  If you don’t have a UPS account you’ll need to create one.

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Had Enough of Ebay Seller Fees

I finally took the plunge and closed my ebay store… I’m tired of paying monthly fees for nothing… I was going to close up shop a while ago but they dangled that carrot of search results for store items showing for every search and my sales actually made it worth it… for about two weeks, until they went back on that whole thing without warning and for no good reason (well, I’m sure they figured they were losing sales, but they didn’t give that as the reason, they made up some crap about it being better for the buyers the old way).

Anyway, enough rambling. My ebay store is now officially closed, and I’ve taken down the links, but I will still sell stuff once in a while in the old fashioned auction-style format, unless I get tired of it and give it up entirely.

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