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The Killdeer Chicks Hatched!

Took long enough :)

More pics behind the cut…

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Eggs on the Rocks

I have this silly little killdeer (bird) that keeps screeching at me every time I go out my front door, go down the driveway, mow the yard, get my mail, or do anything else in my front yard. Yesterday my parents were here and we finally figured out why.

I knew the bird had to have a nest somewhere, but I’d never figured out where. Turns out she’s been watching me for a while trying to figure out where to build her nest, and she finally did it…

Right smack-dab in the MIDDLE of my driveway! Apparently she figured out that my tires never actually hit that spot, and while I mow the yard, I never mow on the gravel. I think she liked the two different layers of gravel too (there’s small gravel under the bigger rocks), because she didn’t have to do any extra work.

Here’s a picture :)

I’m hoping now that I harassed her by taking pictures, she’ll see fit to move the eggs out of my driveway so the UPS truck doesn’t run over em before they hatch!

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