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Suggestions Welcome

Okay, so Etsy is driving me nuts. If I had to take my StoryBlox™ shop off of etsy tomorrow it wouldn’t be a problem, as a lot of my sales come through my main site, or elsewhere.

The tmbmt shop is another issue though, because it’s odds and ends and stuff that I don’t really want to bother with selling more than one place.

So, does anyone have any good suggestions for a place to move to? It’s mainly for paper beads, random crafts, and odds-and-ends supplies. I don’t want to make a custom store just for the tmbmt stuff. I won’t merge it with StoryBlox™ stuff, and I can’t afford ebay.

Problem is, I’m not sure there’s an alternative to eBay, other than etsy, that has much traffic sales-wise. Someone please let me know if I’m wrong.

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