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New Etsy Listings – Paper Beads & Bubble Mailers

Since etsy’s search and category functions have been screwed up for a couple of days (at least) I figured I’d drop a note here.

I just added a number of new paper beads, and I’ll have a few more to list over the next couple of days. 


I also got a shipment of bubble mailers, if anyone needs any (size #00, listed in packs of 10 on etsy). 

** If you can’t get to etsy, you can check my flick account for photos, contact me for purchasing info **


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Soft, Quilted Set of StoryBlox™!

** Note: I had to update this entry to change the title — I was stupid and originally used “QuiltBlox”, which is someone else’s registered trademark, and a really cool line of products (check out her store here: www.quiltblox.com). ***

I’m SO excited! I just finished my latest project. I will probably never make anymore of these, so if you want em get em now!


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