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This is one great day…

♫♪ I’m so happy, feeling snappy, my life is rosy, I’m feeling comfy cozy… keeps getting better, good days forever, and this is one great day… ♪♫ I had a great day today!  I’ve been having a lot more of those lately. My arm is doing so much better these days that as long as […]

I’m a wiener!!

I’ve been debating about posting this for a couple of days.  I’m torn between loving the fact that someone actually sent me a bloggy award, and hating it because it’s basically the blog world’s version of annoying chain mail.  Hubris won out in the end, so I’m gonna go ahead and do it.  I reserve […]

On a Day Like This, Oh Lord, Help Me!

(This is going to be realllly long.  It was just that kind of day.) I started off my lovely day by not going to sleep.  I had it planned so I could get about 4 hours of sleep before I had to head to Cincinnati to meet a friend and then go to 2 different […]