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Eek, More Mowing

Okay, so it turns out this property has even more land than I thought it had… what?? lol I already spend 3 hours mowing, I guess now I get to spend 3.5/4 hours. As it turns out the “from the pole straight out to the street” property line was actually supposed to be “from the pole, to the other pole at the street” which sounds like the same thing, but is radically different. One line is perpendicular to the street, and the other is not, which means a lot more land, and several trees (one of which is a beautiful red maple, which I’m very happy about).

This would be much less confusing if my official property boundaries weren’t “from the nail in the center of the street, to the buried coffee can, to the buried railroad spike, to the second nail in the center of the street”. Gotta love hickville.

I only figured this out because my neighbor suddenly stopped mowing that section, I figure to make a point, and it’s all grown up and I finally checked with another neighbor who owned all these properties at one point…

Anywho, at least I have a pretty tree lol.

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Ahhh the great outdoors

I went out and mowed in daylight for the first time this year today. It was a beautiful day! Something about getting out in the sun and sweating for a while always lifts my spirits (even if it leaves me shaking and hurting for the next 2 days).

I got most of my mowing done today, then got my mower stuck in the ditch. After calling a friend for advice, I took a dinner break and then spent an hour getting it out, which I finally managed to do, surprisingly.

Then I trimmed all of the low branches I’d gotten my hair caught in while mowing (ouch). Afterwards I went and shot some photos of some bugs I’d seen Pictures behind the cut – CAUTION: SPIDER

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