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Pokey the Patchwork Puppy

This is my latest creation. He’s done free-form with no pattern, 100% hand-sewn. I can only sew a seam or two at a time, and he’s got 38 patches, so it took me a couple of months, but I had fun.

I’ve been told he looks a little like a sheep or a bull, but I maintain his puppiness lol.

He can be purchased on Etsy. If he doesn’t sell I’ll probably lower the price weekly until he does.

He’s listed on my Etsy shop.

Next in the line will be a snapping turtle.

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Soft, Quilted Set of StoryBlox™!

** Note: I had to update this entry to change the title — I was stupid and originally used “QuiltBlox”, which is someone else’s registered trademark, and a really cool line of products (check out her store here: www.quiltblox.com). ***

I’m SO excited! I just finished my latest project. I will probably never make anymore of these, so if you want em get em now!


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