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There are times when I love VistaPrint

Product Total Before Discounts: $215.32
  You Saved: ($205.32)  
  Product Total After Discounts: $10.00  
  Shipping & Processing (Slow 21 Days): $8.05  
  Total: $18.05

This total is for
10     Sheets of Custom Letterhead (my graphics)
250   Premium Business Cards (my graphics)
100   Post Cards (their graphics, my text)
10     Flat Invitations
25     Brochures (my graphics, both sides)
25     Business Card Magnets (my graphics)
10     Calendar Magnets (my graphics)
10     Folded Note Cards W/Envelopes (their graphics, my text, plain envelopes)
1       Custom Stamp – Fragile/don’t bend/keep cool  (for my crayon shipments)
1       Note Pad (my graphics)
1       Pad of Post-It type Notes (my graphics)
1       X-Large T-Shirt (my graphics, front AND back)

This is today’s order.  The other day I got 1500 business cards, a sticky-note pad, a custom address stamp, and 25 business checks for $27.27 shipped. 

If you’re looking to score some promo stuff, this is a good time to get it, use the link: http://www.VistaPrint.com/minicatalog then go through and look at each one of their products.  Every single item above would have been completely free had I not opted to upload my own graphics — with that link, graphics uploads are still half off though, and you can use any graphics you’ve already paid to upload in the past, for free.

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