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Updates to my site, etc

It’s been a very long time since I updated my main web page. I probably would have gotten rid of it a long time ago if not for the Praise Songs Database that I keep up there. Since that gets used on a fairly regular basis I’ve been working on it a bit the past few days.

I will probably overhaul the rest of my site as I get a chance, but for now I’ve added a new ‘printable’ view for the songs, and I’m also adding mp3 recorded versions (by yours truly) of the songs so that viewers will be able to hear the tune rather than just seeing the lyrics. I’m slowly working on getting the songs recorded, so only about 30 of them are up right now.

I’ll add the others as I get them done, and the updates will be dynamic. If you see a musical note by a song title that means the song has a recorded version. Please be kind, these are quick and dirty recordings, a capella, and are not intended to be professional quality :D

I’m considering selling a cd of all the songs when I get them done, but it will be mainly for reference use for worship leaders and the like, and I’d be selling it at or just above cost.

In other news, Flickr deleted my flickr account, they tell me I broke some rule but won’t tell me what, and I’m pretty sure I was careful to avoid all of their weird rules about advertising, so I dunno what the deal is. I doubt I’ll get another account there though, their loss, I was considering paying for their pro version this year.

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