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If you know me you know I’ve been having a hard time lately. I’m in a crap-hole financially; I’m insanely lonely as I haven’t made any friends here and have been having a hard time finding a church; my arms have been giving me a lot of problems lately (and my legs are already messed up); and to top it all off I tried to slice my thumb off with a box cutter the other day.

BUT this week is suddenly looking up.

A few weeks ago I got a call about a job (out of the blue, I wasn’t actively looking for a job because I figured it was impossible to find a part-time remote job I could do with my disability anyway), but after talking to him and finding out the job would be perfect for me — he called me back a week later to tell me they found someone else. That same week I got another call about another job (no idea where all the calls were coming from suddenly) but that guy hadn’t even looked at the ‘part time only’ stipulation. Two false alarms that close together just exasperated me.

Anyway, in the meantime I started going to this new church I found (see previous post), and at least that was looking promising.

So this week on Monday the guy that called about the first job called back… I guess the other guy didn’t work and the employer wanted an interview on Tuesday! So Tuesday’s interview went pretty well. Tuesday I also got like 3 sales on Etsy and had the bright idea of listing some stuff on eBay again.

Wednesday I sold another couple of things and went to church… where I had the most awesome conversation with the pastor!!! So I can officially say I have a new church now, and the people are actually friendly (so I might *gasp* finally make some friends here)!

Thursday morning I got a call saying I got the job! And it’s more money per hour than I thought it would be! He didn’t know when I would be starting though…

Thursday afternoon I FINALLY got in to see the hand therapist who made me a freakin HUGE cast-splint for when my arm is acting up (ugh, nothing like a full arm cast to show you how fat you are lol) — hopefully this’ll mean faster recovery next time it goes out.

I spent all day with the brace guy (long story)… when I got back there was a call from the recruiter wanting me to come for a drug screen and paperwork because the employer wants me to start as soon as possible. So I ran up there today, and filled out everything. It sounds like I might be starting as soon as mid-week.

Plus, my CRAYO-Names (see my

profile for details) are selling like hot-cakes on ebay!

Oh yeah, and my thumb — which is barely hurting any at all for some unknown reason (NOT that I’m complaining) — is starting to heal lol.

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  1. See everything has worked out :)

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