Fear not: for am I in the place of God?

Genesis 39-50

I read the end of Genesis today, starting where Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery.

It probably wasn’t the wisest thing to brag about his dreams to his brothers, but all in all, Joseph was a pretty wise man. He was obviously hurt and upset over everything that happened to him becuase of his brothers selling him into slavery. He made this clear, and made them jump through hoops before even letting them know he was alive, but he had the power to enact vengeance and chose not to, instead leaving that to God, saying, “Fear not: for am I in the place of God?” (50:19).

He recognized that God had worked all things together (even the bad things which He did not cause) in his life, for the good of all, and even if his brothers hadn’t lied to tryto protect themselves, I don’t believe he would have harmed them.

As for Isreal, even in his old age — as he was about to die — and even though he was nearly blind, he was clear enough in mind and spirit to bless his grandsons according to their future rather than according to their age. He was also clear enough to remember and bless each of his sons accordingly… even when that meant being brutally honest.

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