I should really learn to put my garage door down…

I’m post-dating this one because I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday.

I haven’t been feeling all that well lately, have been really run-down for whatever reason, and Saturday night I fell asleep on the couch intending to take a short nap and then getup and go to bed like I usually do.

Instead, I woke up around 1pm when my brother banged on the back of the couch I was sleeping on. Apparently, I had left my garage door up. Since I hadn’t called him to let him know the time my uncle’s cookout was going to be (which I didn’t know the time for yet — my uncle finally called after my brother showed up), he had decided to just drive down. Since he apparently had beat on my front door for a while to no avail, he came in the garage and yelled at me on his way in, and since after all that I still hadn’t heard him, he decided to bang on the back of the couch to wake me up.

I was so out of it, that I didn’t even know he’d banged on the couch… I thought I’d woken up when he opened the door. I should really be more careful…

In any case, we went and saw Superman Returns before going to the cookout. I wasn’t really excited about it but I sometimes enjoy that kinda stuff. It was really long. It was ok as far as movies go, but it had a LOT of ridiculous plot issues, mostly relating to scientific impossibilities. All in all, that was expected.

What wasn’t expected was the running theme of “the World doesn’t need a Savior” (which was actually said at one point). I was surprised to find that the general gist of the movie, by the end, was that perhaps the world really does need a Savior. However, while they explicitly said it doesn’t need one early in the movie, they never explicitly refuted that claim in the end. It seems that either that point was not in the original script, but that the producer decided to imply it anyway — or else it was in the original script, explicitly, and the producer didn’t quite want to go that far.

Lois, who had won a Pulitzer prize for “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman”, in the end, is seen sitting in front of a blank screen with the title “Why the World Needs Superman” (or something like that). She’s obviously having a hard time coming up with content for the article, but it’s unclear whether this is because of other things on her mind, or because she’s not completely convinced she can write it.

In any case, after the movie we had a nice tasty meal with our family — Matt headed back home, and I basically sat half-asleep for the rest of the evening, accomplishing nothing. I was too tired to even post, and I didn’t get any reading done.

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