I’m sorry for the scarce blog posts.  I had been doing well with regularly posting there for a while but my keyboard’s space key went and crapped out, and it’s really hard to type much when you have to paste in a space between every single word.  (Not to mention all the times I accidentally hold the control key down too long after doing so and end up typing other control key combinations and losing everything or shutting programs down).

I’m pretty computer savvy, so when my laptop’s space bar stopped functioning I took it apart, cleaned it, reset the nipple, and put it back together, but apparently the lead itself  is bad, so I’m out of luck.  I spend enough time online that I go through keyboards pretty quickly, but this one isn’t even old enough to have any of the letters worn off, so it must have just been badly made.

Since my desktop computer’s chair is currently holding a printer that’s too heavy for me to move, I’ve switched now to a weird setup that has me using my desktop’s wireless keyboard while I’m sitting here looking at my laptop screen, which shows me what’s happening on said desktop – unfortunately the wireless kb’s keys are not as ‘springy’ and light to touch as my laptop’s.

Most of the time, when my upper arm isn’t acting up, I can manage to type fairly well and quickly, despite the peripheral neuropathy that has shredded the nerves in my hands.   I do depend on the springs in a keyboard, though.  I can tap down without tiring my nerves too much, but if I have to pick my fingers back up they tire incredibly quickly. So I make sure every keyboard I buy has very very springy keys, with as light a touch as possible.  This one, though,  is one I got in trade from a friend — I had no money to spare on another at the time — and I don’t use it often enough to have bothered picking up a new one later.

I wish at times like these that I had a good speech recognition program, but I find it nearly impossible to properly articulate when I’m tired, and both my strange habit of unintentionally and  randomly switching accents and my inability to regulate the volume of my voice (I honestly can never tell when I’m yelling or being too quiet) makes it nearly impossible for me to manage to use voice rec anyway.

So all this rambling was basically just to say that I hope my new laptop keyboard gets here quickly so my life can get back to normal.  I’m hoping for tomorrow…

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