leaks and pains

Just leaving an update for anyone who cares…

My arm was out for about a week this time… It stopped working on a Wednesday (the day after my car blew that gasket), and was completely useless for about 4 days, then I had about 3-4 days of partial use.

It’s not back to normal even now, I can’t lift anything heavy and it’s randomly dropping things, but it’s back to semi-normal and it doesn’t hurt to look at it.

My car was out from that Tuesday through the following Thursday I think, borrowed about $600 to fix the coolant leak, and it seemed to be running okay again, but I didn’t drive it much.

Then I went to the neuro Monday (my aunt drove me down). He took his lunch hour to see me, and had some intern with him to show me off… turns out he had just presented my case as a case study at a conference too.

He tells me that if my arm goes out again, I’m just supposed to eat ibuprofin like candy (his exact words were “take a REAL dose” and then “people our size need at least 600-800mg every 2 hours”… “just make sure you take an antacid so you don’t destroy your stomach”), because there’s nothing else they can do for it. Great. He is sending me to an ortho that he seems to think is the best in the world though, so hopefully I’ll get some useful braces for my arms or something, and some new leg braces (for joy for joy). He also gave me some real pain pills too.

I got home from the dr office and crashed, threw my neck out sleeping in my easy chair with my hair up, and had a massive headache that kept me in bed most the time through Wednesday. Went to the store Wednesday night, wore a ball cap and my head stopped hurting, til I took the cap off and the entire top of my head turned read and hurt like I’d bruised it… what the heck? Didn’t stop hurting til Thursday afternoon. I woke up Thursday with a nose/sinus bleed, took a shower, got it to stop, then got a regular nose bleed. Got that stopped, got ready to leave, got in the car to drive an hour and a half and got the sinus bleed and bled down the back of my throat the whole drive.

Get to Urbana, and my dang car is leaking coolant AGAIN!!!

My niece had a nice birthday party, got to play with the kids, headache was gone and everything, sinuses stopped bleeding about the time I got there. Headed home late, went to bed early so I ccould get up and get the car to the shop.

So this morning I can’t get up… this afternoon I still can’t get up… finally pull myself out of bed only to discover that the blasted headache is back full force and my left eye doesn’t feel like it’s opening all the way. I examined myself in the mirror and it looks okay, and looks like it’s open all the way, or at least close to it, and if I try to open it further I can. If I start seeing double or catch myself losing coherancy I’m gonna go to the hospital though…

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