Little things…

My headache has now been gone for two days!!!

I’m almost certain the problem was/is my neck, so I’m being very careful to stay conscious of how I’m holding my head, make sure I don’t sit in my chair with my hair up, and make sure that I don’t hold the phone with my head when I’m talking on it. This seems to be working okay, my neck is still out, but much better.

I tried to draw a bit yesterday, since my arm had been okay for a few days. And now it’s back to being messed up again… been mostly useless all day. Looks like I’m stuck with a useless arm, and if I want to write or draw or anything I’m going to have to do it with my teeth :(.

Using my hands for this kind of stuff has hurt for years, but I always did it anyway from time to time, when I figured it was worth the pain. Now it’s not just pain, but my arm becomes useless… there’s not many situations where writing a bit is worth losing an arm for a day or two… geez

C’est ma vie. At least my head’s not hurting today.

Tomorrow I get to go see why my car is spewing coolant again.

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