Loving the Free Stuff!

Man, I’m loving this new PoshPoints site. It’s like an online swap meet… you get some free points when you sign up, then you can use your points to ‘buy stuff’ from other members on the site. You can ten turn around and list stuff of your own to ‘sell’ and get more points back, or you can just buy more points.

Sounds stupid right? Why not just use real money, right? WRONG.

  1. I’m broke.
  2. A lot of other people are broke.
  3. I have stuff that’s not worth the fees to sell on ebay, and worth too much to sell for 10 cents a garage sale.
  4. Other people have stuff that I could really use, that falls into the same category.
  5. People with 15 free points are more than willing to spend a few of them.
  6. It’s a little addicting.

With my free points I got a used VeggieTales video, a book, and some hair scrunchies. I sold a few small things I didn’t want, and got 3 more VeggieTales movies, a little toy harmonica, an awesome new Christian CD, and have some new ponytail holders coming (I always lose those darn things).

I now have several things I needed, and a few things I’ve wanted for a long time and couldn’t justify spending the money on. I’m only out the shipping on the things I ‘sold’ (you do have to pay shipping), but the things I got back were worth more to me than what I send plus what I spent on shipping, so it’s TOTALLY worth it to me. AND I’ve de-cluttered some.

How can you lose??

If you wanna check into it, the link is here: http://www.poshpoints.com/default.aspx?ref=9719
I get a few points if you start selling stuff, but even if you don’t, you get 15 free points with no obligation.


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2 Responses to Loving the Free Stuff!

  1. That looks like a lot of fun, hopefully they’ll get something going to Canada cause I’d love to join.

    • I wish it were international too, except you have to pay for shipping… and next month shipping to canada is going to skyrocket… so it just wouldn’t be very practical.

      Maybe they’ll come up with a solution though, where international customers could foot the shipping bill or something…

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