Probably time for an update….

Looks like it’s been 3 weeks since I updated… how can that be?! arg

Anyway, I’m busy, between selling stuff, running a trading forum (long story), building a new trading site (same long story), trying to record all of the praise songs (I added about 15 yesterday if you’re interested, you kinda have to go through all of the songs and click on the musical notes by the titles to hear them right now though), my current addiction to facebook, checking out this twitter thing, and still dealing with an arm that goes completely useless every time I forget to take a massive dose of ibuprofin every 8 hours… I don’t take much time to blog lol.

Sometimes I seem like I don’t ever get anything done, and my house usually looks like I don’t ever get anything done.  But honestly, when I actually stop to consider all the irons I have in the fire, I think I do more now than I ever did when I had a normal full time job.

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