I officially give up on trying to do regular updates. 

My arm appears to be screwed up again… that’s what I get for trying to use power tools (silly me trying to put LESS strain on myself by using a power sander, what the heck was I thinking, sheesh?)  If I get the use of my arm back, I’ll probably just lose it again as soon as I try to clean the house up.  I should just give up and find a nursing home.

I won a free meal in wilmington (half hour drive).. made a special trip to take advantage of it… car blew something on the way, I’m now spewing coolant, looks like from inside the motor… yep, I’ll be paying for that with my no-money-in-the-bank, electric-in-danger-of-shut-off, 2-car-payments-late, don’t-even-think-about-groceries self.  I’ll get right on that.

I officially hate my life, just in case it wasn’t clear. 

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