so much for weekly posts

Man, I was doing really good with this posting every day thing until business got busy and things went haywire around here. I think I’m going to have to just give in to the fact that daily, or even weekly, is just totally impossible this time of the year. I can’t even believe it’s been over a month.

Anyway, I’m still reading… I think I’m somewhere in 1 Kings right now. I think I’ve decided that once I get done with the Old Testament read-through that I’m going to start on topical studies instead of going back book by book.

This is mainly because I don’t have time to do both, and because there are a couple of studies that I really want to get started on (but I don’t have the time right now anyhow).

I thought I’d settled on the church I was going to, but things got weird. The fact that they had absolutely no interest in my becoming a member, after a year, but were perfectly willing to have me help with things and participate in services was getting on my nerves. But then the pastor avoided answering a few simple questions, started preaching the same sermon over and over and over again (something like 9 out of the last 12 sermons I was there for were the same basic message), and the general lack of compassion in the church for non-christians started becoming more and more apparent.

Before I moved here I’d almost become convinced that there were no decent churches left. I thought I’d found one there but that’s obviously not the case. So I’ve spent the past several weeks searching for a church again and it’s not looking promising. There are some very bizarre practices in this area, and some very bizarre people.

Pray for me — it’s hard to search for a church when you’re anti-social. I’m having a hard time meeting this many new people without losing my mind.

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  1. Anonymous

    Be Good to You.

    You are obviously struggling, but be encouraged. You are not alone and things will get less hectic after the first of the year. Keep praying and reading the word.

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