Stem cells are all the rage…

We hear so much crap about embryonic stem cells… but the fact is, last I checked there have been NO successful trials of anything useful using embryonic stem cells. There’s no way to control them, and they end up producing tumors.

Adult stem cells, however, along with cells from cord blood, are REMARKABLY useful, and are being used SUCCESSFULLY in trials for an enormous range of conditions. We don’t hear nearly enough about adult stem cell research. More remarkably, in the research I’ve done, I’ve yet to see any report of side effects!

They’re just starting human clinical trials, but so far they’re absolutely amazing.  MS, ALS, Auto-immune diseases, CP, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Spinal Cord Injuries, Diabetic patients with impaired circulation, nerve damage… all things for which there has been little to no effective treatment for in the past are suddenly on the brink of a possible cure… and it’s not even an over-statement! 

I’ll never be able to get into any clinical trials, my condition is unique and rare.  But once some of these studies are completed, and the treatments are stamped safe by the FDA, they’ll eventually be available to the rest of us.  There’s a real hope, for the first time ever, that the medical community might actually find a cure, or at least a significant  treatment before I’m too old to care.

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    “Adult stem cell findings offer new hope for Parkinson’s cure”

    Hey, Sis!

    Check this out if you get a moment: adult stem cells .

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