Tam takes a trip to the doctor…

So, I’m packing for a trip to my neurologist tomorrow to have a couple of tests (read: a torture session followed by an MRI) to see if the neurologist can find the entrapment in my arm so we can hopefully do the surgery and I can stop taking these massive doses of NSAIDs (and hopefully I can regain more regular use of my arm, and lose a lot of pain in the process).

I’m also going to visit a new friend while I’m down there.

Here’s what I’m packing:

  • Directions
  • My mp3 player filled with my accompaniment tracks and some other music – because singing to myself at full volume while on the road is always entertaining to those around me
  • My laptop – because I’ll have at least a couple of hours to kill between appointments, and Cincy has free wifi
  • A myriad of pills – because I cut back my meds in hopes of exacerbating my arm so the entrapment will be easier to find tomorrow – I’m gonna need drugs badly the time the appointments are over.
  • A wheelchair, crutches, and two separate canes – okay I’m not really packing these, they’re are always in my car anyway
  • A wrist brace, a wrist cuff, a removable full-arm cast, a sling and a pain patch – because who knows to what degree I’ll be able to move my arm after the appointments.
  • 1.5 Gallons of water – because when you’re likely to need that much water in one outing, you want it to be filtered.
  • Several spin toys, a dreidel, a couple of Christmas ornaments, and some PromoBlox – gifts for the friend and bribes for the doctors/nurses (keep them happy when you’re livelihood depends on their decisions, also they may keep the torture to a minimum)
  • My camera – because uhm, I have no idea, I guess I just feel like I’m packing for a journey, and who doesn’t take their camera on a journey?
  • My Bible – because it goes with me everywhere, and if I’m not feeling horrible I may try to go to Bible study on the way home.


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