That’s It!! I’m leaving!!!!!!

I’ve officially hit burn-out on just about every level right now.  I was so dang tired and out of it this week that I’ve screwed up at least 3 shipments since Friday, and a miriad of other things…

My parents are leaving Thursday morning for a family thing in Georgia, for almost a week, and they invited me to go with them, but I told them I didn’t think I could get away.  Well, ta heck with that, I’m going!

I’m not usually a big fan of an entire week with my parents, especially without a vehicle, but if I don’t get out of Ohio for at least a few days I’m going to lose what’s left of my mind.  So… I’ll be gone through September 18th.

They’re taking my almost-3-year-old nephew with them on the trip, so at least I’ll have a munchkin to play with on the long drive :)

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