This is one great day…

♫♪ I’m so happy, feeling snappy, my life is rosy, I’m feeling comfy cozy…
keeps getting better, good days forever, and this is one great day… ♪♫

I had a great day today!  I’ve been having a lot more of those lately.

My arm is doing so much better these days that as long as I remember my meds it hasn’t been hurting at all when it’s at rest… a very far cry from the constant screaming pain it was in for so long.  I’ve been able to make blocks, hold a microphone, mow, pull weeds, and many other things, as long as I work in short spurts, take proper breaks, and splint it when I’ve overtaxed it,  it continues to cooperate.   My throat is still blistery, but it hasn’t been particularly inflamed or in pain, which means it’s not affecting my singing voice at all (hence the song posts of late).  My legs have even been cooperating more — I’ve started using my leg braces more again, which I had neglected for a few years, and it’s letting me do a lot more.

Combine all of the physical improvements with a good church, warmer weather, and the promise of 5 whole weeks with my best friend this summer, and things just look so much brighter around here.

Today I actually got to spend the entire evening with a friend.  I helped her break down her yard sale for the evening, we had dinner together, went to church, and spent way too long yacking about anything and everything … it was great! :)   We kind of fell out of touch over the winter, hopefully we’ll be able to get together every few weeks or so now, though.  I might even manage to drag her to a concert sometime this summer.



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  1. Great news Tam! I am glad that things are going so well for you.

  2. Renoard

    Ummm I didn’t realize this one was that long ago!

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