To whom can you lend a hand? ($5 on 5)

The 5th of the month has come again, and I’m actually on time posting this for once!  If you don’t know what the $5 on 5 thing is all about hop over here for an explanation.   Last month I explained why I felt the need to take the $5 on 5 thing in a new direction (and if you have any suggestions, please share)…  While I haven’t really solidified my plans for the long haul, I felt the need to continue these posts in the meantime.

This month, rather than ask you to give $5 to a specific charity, or your local food bank, or whatnot, I’m going to challenge you to give $5, $1, $20, or whatever you can afford, to someone you see in need this month.

This may be a friend who’s having a rough time making ends meet, a struggling mother in the grocery store who looks like she’s could use a pick-me-up, or a stranger on a street corner (take your cue from Lost & Tired’s boys).

Decide now what you think you can give, and make an effort to find a person (or several people) you can bless over the course of the month.  If you feel so inclined, come back and let me know you participated :)


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