Okay I’m just posting this because I haven’t blogged (or even logged in here) in forever.  I haven’t been around etsy for a long time, I haven’t been checking in with my yahoo groups…

I’ve been working like crazy on StoryBlox, doing tons of required summertime family stuff (including ball games, 2 weddings, and an 80th birthday party), doing some very part-time web report work, tons of yard work and garden stuff, listing/buying on PoshPoints (which has been my only real hope of getting decent birthday presents for anyone this year), and I’m starting to get more involved at church.  Add in the disability and that means I’ve been drugging myself up enough to run nonstop for about 5 days a week, and then crashing for at least 2 days a week…

So…I just figured I’d drop by and let people know I’m not dead (if anyone even reads this lol).

I’ve had nightmare after nightmare trying to get blocks in stock for this wholesale show.  It didn’t work out, so I have just enough blocks to do one set of each type of StoryBlox for the show, and no extras to take to sell!  Gah!  At least I have extras of most every other product, so I’m working ike crazy trying to get enough stock of everything else together.  The show is this weekend and I’m SO not ready! 

Mom’s been coming down almost every other day trying to help get stuff made, but as soon as we get stuff done more people order!!  I wasn’t expecting orders to pickup this early… I finally took all of my personalized items off of etsy the other day, and someone came and ordered a full block set instead!  I would normally be ecstatic over the sales, but right now it’s just stressing me out cuz I’m afraid I won’t have enough products to take lol.

In any case, the wholesale show is this weekend.  After that I’ll have who knows many orders to fill (hopefully a lot, cuz it was like $700 to get into the show in the first place), like 10 birthdays, a labor day party here (I’m having a big cookout, Lindsey, if you’re reading this you’re invited), and who knows what else.  By that time, Christmas orders will be pouring in, and I won’t get another break until at least January!!

I’m really hoping I get enough orders at this wholesale thing that I can hire people to help me, cuz I don’t know how long I’m gonna hold out at this rate.     

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  1. I’ll have to see what we’re doing then. :)

    I was thinking about you the other day and was wondering what you were up to. :)

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