What happened to you?

I read about 14 chapters of Genesis yesterday, and fell asleep when I went to blog about it. I didn’t really come across much that I felt like blogging about, so I’ll just mention some of the small things I noticed…

  1. When Abraham told Ambimilech that Sarah was his sister (she was his half sister, but she was also his wife!) he took her as his wife, but God prevented him from making the marriage official, and when he finally found out the truth his response was “what happened to you, that you would do this to me?”. That reaction is very amusing to me
  2. Poor Ambimilech… not only did Abraham put him in harms way by telling him Sarah was his sister … but years later Isaac did the same thing! Now, it could be a different Ambimilech I guess (perhaps they always named their king that), but it’s rather amusing either way — mainly because he learned his lesson with Abraham and figured out what Isaac had done before he tried to take Rebekah as his wife.
  3. Sarcasm was alive and well at least as far back as Esau — he came in from hunting, hungry, and his brother was cooking soup… when he asked for some, his brother asked for his birthright in trade. Esau’s response, while foolish, was also very sarcastic (paraphrased): “what good will my birthright do me if I starve to death?”
  4. When Jacob fled his father-in-law’s house and went off in the night to settle on his own, Rachel stole her father’s idols. I had always thought that Jacob found out about it eventually, but I didn’t see any record of that at all. Years later he does rid his household of idols, but there’s no indication that this had anything to do with the ones Rachel stole.

I’ll be having company for the next few days, and will probably not find much time to blog, but if I get a chance I will.

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