In between bouts of completely irrational hormone-driven tears I’ve been almost giddy for two days. I’m FINALLY feeling better. The doctor gave me some super strength antibiotics and although I’m not 100% better yet, I’ve been about 20 times better than I was, and having energy after being sick for so long is enough to make me want to jump around lol.

Yesterday started out with a huge storm:
Stormy Day

So, when the power went out, I figured it was the perfect time to make a trip to the Amish store. It turned out to be a very beautiful day, between rain.

I got some good food, then went to take some pictures at the church camp I went to as a kid (nothing worth posting really). It’s funny how much things change — they’ve added tons of buildings, and all of the trees that were just getting started when I was a kid are taller than the buildings now… which made the place look completely different. I did get to talk to an old friend while I was there, who, surprisingly, remembered me and most of my family even though I haven’t really talked to him for at least 10 years.

I took some pies I got at the Amish store and left some for my aunt and uncle, then shared some with my grandmother (who lost a big tree in that storm, and had been stuck at home without a working phone all evening).

All in all it was a great day. I came to a call from Mom saying she was coming down today and then made some beads (some of which will be posted on etsy this weekend) before going to bed.

Mom came down today and we had lunch with grandma then did a bunch of yard work. The flower beds are all finally finished, and I think we finally have the property to a place where I’ll be able to keep it up without much work (yay!). I also have my garden going well, we planted some sunflower seeds and the last of the tomatoes today, and a pumpkin decided to sprout. So I’ll have corn (if it makes it), beans, tons of onions and garlic, pumkin, tons of zucchini (yay!), cucumbers, sunflowers, tons of tomatoes, some hot peppers, and some cabbage. Quite a bit more than I was planning on, but I can’t complain. I also took some big rocks I dug out of an old flower bed and made a real ring around my fire ring so it actually looks safe now lol.

After mom left I got thinking about the trip to camp, and decided to see if I could find a number for another old friend, Tim, who just happened to be home today! He remembered me too (I’m not sure why that always surprises me), and we talked for about an hour I think. It’s always great catching up with old friends, and this is a guy I have looked up to as an inspiration since I was about 8 (don’t tell him that though, his head is big enough).

And I just did all that rambling to say, I think I finally have a good friend in the area! For whatever reason I always thought calling Tim would be awkward… it so totally wasn’t. We caught up quite a bit, he’s disabled as well, so we actually have quite a bit in common in that area. He’s married with a 4 year old kid now, so doesn’t have much time, and neither of us have much spending money, but hopefully we can get together once in a while at least.

I can’t even count the number of prayers that have been answered in the past few weeks. Yay! :)

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